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Leveraging expertise from across the industry and our technology partners to equip the industry with new edges


Programming for Non-Programmers:
Effective Coding for Practical Applications

Nov 18, 2019

Auckland, NZ

Speakers: Mr. Chris Vorster, Ir. Dr Julian Lee

Course Dates: 19th, 21st, 26th & 28th November, 2019

Course code: CPD-001-2019


Half Day Seminar on
Fire Safety for Building and Infrastructure in Malaysia

Oct 31, 2019

KL, Malaysia

Speakers: Ir Dr. Julian Lee, Ar. Anthony Lee Tee, Er. Kamalika Kundu, Ar Chong Lee Siong

Course code: CPD-002-2019


BIM in practice - 1 Day Workshop: Leveraging BIM's Benefits & Overcoming its Barriers; and case study on Award-winning Klang Valley Project in Kuala Lumpur

Jul 05, 2018

Auckland, NZ

Speakers: Er. Seng Tiok Poh, Paul King Andrew Lewis

Course code: CPD-003-2018


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course:
Building Information Modelling (BIM) in practice: The Global trends

Apr 27, 2018

Auckland, NZ

Speakers: Dr. Calvin Kam, Mr Chris Vorster and Ir. Dr Julian Lee

Course code: CPD-002-2018


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course:
The Journey to become a Professional Civil Engineer in NZ, UK, HK and South-East Asia

Mar 23, 2018

Auckland, NZ

Speakers: Ir. Dr Julian Lee

Course code: CPD-001-2018

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